For WINIT deliveries, CB members who use eDs for their orders on eBay, please pay attention:

eDs is an economical online logistics for eBay, there are 4 things you need to pay attention to if you are using this channel: 1) An WINIT account is required. Apply for an address of cargo collection and pass the verification (you need to write your own collection address, which is not provided by CB)2) The logistics […]

How to distinguish online logistics and offline logistics?

Online logistics usually have a platform-specific suffix concluded as the following: Lazada: only use LGS logistics, and only LAZADA platform can use LGS logistics Shopee: Shopee logistics are only SLS, YTO Taiwan Express eBay online logistics: when the order is done on EDS, the delivery cannot be accomplished without choosing EDS AliExpress online logistics: 1. […]

How to use Wanyilian and online EUB logistics on eBay?

Before Chinabrands uses Wanyilian to ship, you need to complete the following operations: 1) Authorize and bind eBay store at Chinabrands 2) Contact customer service to bind Wanyilian account; The following information is required to submit to customer service staffs, when binding Wanyilian account. ① Chinabrands account ② eBay store account ③ Wanyilian account ④ Wanyilian password ⑤ Wanyilian address code ⑥ Wanyilian […]

How long does it take to ship from China to the US?

From warehouses in Shenzhen, China to the United States, there are multiple logistics channels. Delivery times vary from each logistics channel. The following is a list of the five types of logistics and corresponding delivery time that are commonly used to ship to United States. The remaining available logistics channels are subject to the product […]

If the parcel dopesn’t arrive within 48 hours, can I get a refund?

Products in part of warehouses of XXX can reach destination within 48 hours. In the actual delivery process, due to the user’s change of address or local terrain, weather, traffic and other factors, some orders may not be delivered to destiantion within 48 hours, and the final 48-hour delivery rate is expected to be 80%. […]

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