What Is The Role Of The Ventilator?

The ventilator is a tool for implementing mechanical ventilation. It has been widely used clinically in anesthesia and ICU to improve oxygenation and ventilation of patients, reduce respiratory work, support respiratory and circulatory functions, and treat respiratory failure. Herholar and Rafn reported on the use of artificial respiration to rescue drowning patients. In 1929, Drinker […]


How the ventilator works?

What can the ventilator do? The ventilator is a device that can be used to replace, control or change the normal physiological breathing of a person, increase lung ventilation, improve respiratory function, and save heart reserve capacity. The working principle of the ventilator is explained in detail: The principle of the ventilator is that the […]

Precautions for Hemagglutination Test

The clinical development of coagulation testing is of great significance for the diagnosis of diseases. In addition to screening and diagnosis of bleeding diseases, hemagglutination test can also be used to check the state before blood test, so the accuracy of the test results is very important. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the […]

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