Insertion Tube with Coil Pipe Assembly & Proximal Fitting Attached


Information Table
Compatible with Olympus®
For Model(s) CFH180AL
381298L , ,


Guangzhou Smart Tech Technology CO., LTD is a premier worldwide endoscope repair facility servicing all major endoscope and surgical camera brands. Guangzhou Smart Tech Technology CO., LTD frequently accepts repair orders for insertion tube replacements. For a quotation for repairs, please contact us. Follow these tips to prevent these types of repairs in the future.

Common Causes:

  • Improper care & handling such as over-coiling the I/T, careless transporting of scopes, stacking scopes, improper loading of endoscopes in Automated Reprocessing machines, and sharp objects puncturing the insertion tube.
  • Improper or inadequate storage areas and/or sinks or basins.
  • Not following OEM instructions and guidelines to cleaning/and reprocessing endoscopes. Inappropriate mixtures of detergent or disinfectants could compromise the outer coating of the insertion tube, as well as not thoroughly rinsing.
  • Wearing jewelry during the manual cleaning of scopes could cause scratches or slices on the outer coating.
  • Patient bites.
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