Wire-Video Button-140/160/240/260 SeriesB/Y/O/W and Spiral Grounding Lead. Recommended purchase of 6 ft. per repair.


Information Table
Compatible with Olympus®
Material Button Wire
For Model(s) 140 Series, 160 Series, 240 Series, 260 Series
141244 , ,

Guangzhou Smart Tech Technology CO., LTD is a premier worldwide endoscope repair facility servicing all major endoscope and surgical camera brands.

Smart Tech frequently accepts repair orders for video chip objective system repairs & D/T LGT lens replacement. The distal tip lenses and/or epoxy around the distal tip video lens are removed and the area around the lens is carefully cleaned. The lenses are replaced if needed and fresh epoxy is applied around the lens and the scope is leak tested to insure a watertight seal.

For a quote on a repair??please contact us. Follow these tips to prevent these types of repairs in the future.


Common Causes:

1.Improper care & handling, such as impact to the distal end of the scope, which can cause the lenses to chip, crack or shatter or careless transporting of scopes.
2.Improper or inadequate storage areas.
3.Not thoroughly cleaning the distal end of the endoscope??debris or a film coating may stick to the lens.

Preventative Method:

1.Avoid any distal end impact when transporting or storing scopes. Impact with hard surfaces in storage areas can severely damage the epoxy around lenses and sometimes the lenses themselves.
2.Maintain control over the distal end when transporting and cleaning scopes.
3.Leaks test each scope thoroughly after every procedure. Even a small amount of fluid in the lens assembly can cause severe damages.
4.Visually inspect the outer lens surfaces and the surrounding adhesives. Cracked lenses or damaged adhesives may not show on the leak test. Dents around the edge of the distal end may indicate internal damage.
5.Small damage should be repaired to prevent larger repairs.

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